Some Do's and Don'ts:


Don't over do it by taking away from the item itself. See above photo! Often you can get away with Mark's antiques varying in size shape and patina to allow each item to stand out.


Do feel free to put together a theme. i.e. next to a fireplace you can lean an old wooden shovel next to the wood pile, have a pair of skis, poles on one side of the fireplace, a child's sled on the other with a pair of wooden skates draped over the mantle. This look is of a skier coming in from a long day on the slopes, and is comforted by a mug of hot chocolate and the soothing crackle and warmth of the fire. Snowshoes or skis are a great display for over a fireplace!

Skis can be placed together, leaning against a wall, side by side, angled, straight, crossed, etc...

Often the push sticks/ski poles can be counter balanced to offset too many designs. i.e.. If you decide to cross the skis, placing the poles on either side of the skis is a great complement. Snowshoes are also versatile. They can be crossed, or staggered as in a walking fashion, or in a 'V' pattern.

The best way to mount skis... to take a screw out of the metal binding and drill a hole all the way through the ski. Next, send a long screw through this hole and into the wall (preferably anchored, or into a stud). This method will not affect the value of the antiques, and will display them without obvious hangers. Only if needed, put a second screw through the binding in the same manor. If the skis do not have metal bindings, put the screws underneath the foot platform then replace it, covering the head of the screw(s).

To mount the skis cross ways, you should first cross them. Then put 2 screws from behind, through the first ski into the second (or top) ski. Then take 2 small hooks, or screws with a small wire loop, and attach them about 1 1/2 feet down from the ski tip (on the underside, or wall side of the ski). Simply hang the skis from these hooks which will hide all screws, and display them nicely.

Best of all, have fun with decorating as options are limitless.

Good luck!


Decorating with winter antiques:

Decorating with winter antiques is only limited by one's imagination.

NO! ...although very imaginative!

Yes. I have decorated many 4 star hotels, numerous ski resorts and fine restaurants often with free reign.

Armoires, landings, and shelves are ideal to display sleds:

Usually angled just right to show off the craftsmanship and 3 dimensional aspect. This can be done simply by adding a cardboard box or book draped with a dark color (wine red or dark hunter green) cloth or simply placed out of view.